The aunty with a marketing trolly

I was, as usual, going for my morning kopi and to read the news at the coffeeshop. It was quite sunny this morning. As I walked under the void deck, I noticed this elderly woman. She must be in her 70s, and she was pushing this trolly along, making her way to the markets across the streets.

At the traffic light, I stood beside her and observed her from the corner of my eyes. The sun was bearing down on her and I could see her face winced as she waited for the lights to turn green.

Walking across the street, she had to climb up this flight of stairs to reach the shophouses which lined the way to the markets.

As I watched her, it reminded me of my own mom who would go to the markets every morning to get fresh food for her children, including my nieces who were living with us then.

This elderly lady must be doing the same, I thought.

The simple yet important things our mothers and grandmothers do.

*An earlier post on something similar: A mother’s love does not require rest.


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