We hope you’re ok, Shin Leong

I first got to know Shin Leong in 2006 when I joined the Workers’ Party after a year’s consideration. Several short months later, I found myself in the team of volunteers assigned to the WP’s Ang Mo Kio GRC team, which was putting up a challenge to the Prime Minister’s team, at the General Election in May.

The WP team was a young one and was dubbed “Suicide Squad” by the media. Although young they may have been, they more than made up for that with passion, drive and energy. Throughout the election campaign period, one thing stood out above all else for me as I – being a greenhorn in such matters – saw how hard Shin Leong worked each day and night of the campaign.

As the designated leader of the team, he was leading it from the front.

I remember saying to everyone I know: “That fella is tireless! He’s like the energizer bunny several times over!”

And this impression I had of Shin Leong has always stayed with me, even after I left the WP in 2008. Continue reading “We hope you’re ok, Shin Leong”

How did these 2 manage to flee Singapore?

The assault took place in April 2010. By Feb 2012, 2 of the 3 assailants had fled the country.

As we reported last year, on 11 April 2010, three friends tried to help a taxi driver who was being heckled and assaulted by a group of four Caucasian men at the taxi stand at Suntec City Tower 5. The three do-gooders were later pounced on by the Caucasian group, with 2 of the 3 friends eventually having to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. Continue reading “How did these 2 manage to flee Singapore?”

Studio apartments are “death houses”?

“Last night was especially busy (see previous status update). Certainly, some of our residents have been vocal. But I could not believe my eyes when I read in the Straits Times this morning that some of our residents likened studio apartments for the elderly to ‘death houses’. We even called up the journalist to double-check that this was said and heard. As MP, I am committed to represent our residents and will continue to do so. But I cannot support comments like this. Let’s keep our tone civil and maintain respect for our elderly.” – MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Sim Ann, on her Facebook page.

Ms Sim Ann is referring to the controversy surrounding the building of elder-friendly facilities and the HDB’s plans to build studio apartments for the elderly in the Toh Yi estate in Bukit Timah. The Straits Times had reported:

“A handful of the residents also likened the apartments to ‘death houses’ for the elderly to wait out their last days.” Continue reading “Studio apartments are “death houses”?”

The drugs scourge

I was just doing a simple Googling for the number of drug busts by the authorities in recent months as I noticed that there has been a rather regular stream of reports in the media. Here’re some headlines I found, from cases in the past half year or so:

Jun 2011
Oct 2011
Nov 2011
Nov 2011
Dec 2011
Jan 2012
Jan 2012
Jan 2012
Jan 2012
Feb 2012
Feb 2012


Feb 2012
CNB report on 2011 situation

Toh Chin Chye’s house – what struck me the most

I attended Dr Toh Chin Chye’s wake on Sunday at 23 Greenview Crescent. It was not as busy as I had expected. Certainly, there were no throng of people. Or perhaps it was late in the evening and most have already left. Whatever it is, my friends and I were efficiently guided to where we should go – first to sign the condolence book, then to attend the evening service which was conducted by a pastor from St Andrew’s Cathedral, and then to pay our respects at Dr Toh’s coffin.

The first thing that struck me was how simple the home was. It was quite evident that the house has remain much as it had from years past. The paint on two of the main doors were peeling, the wall is evidently older despite the paint, and even the ceiling lights were nothing to crow about. In fact, two flourescent tubes had to be added in the hall as, I suspect, it would be too dim otherwise. Continue reading “Toh Chin Chye’s house – what struck me the most”