Did you think we were stupid?

“Did you think we were stupid? Did you think we would fall? Did you think we’ll be living our whole lives against a wall?… This time we’ll go further.. we’ll go further from here… Further to a world we’ll make our own… and disappear.”

Somehow this sounds so apt for this time… politically… This could very well be the response of bloggers to the government trying to shove some stupid code down their throats. Not that I’m seeing everything politically..

Anyway, just wanted to introduce this very brilliant video and absolutely gorgeous and inspiring song by one of our own, from the band called Shelves.

Don’t like the mainstream media? Support the alternative then

On 26 April, my friend, colleague and fellow editor at publichouse.sg, Elaine Ee, wrote this piece in response to the government’s call for a code of conduct for the Internet: “Forget code of ethics, free up mainstream media“.

Dismissing the call, she wrote:

“What we need instead is a new journalistic environment, where the mainstream media are as free to tackle issues and make opinions as new media. Mainstream media needs to be allowed to move with the times, and be released from its public relations role of helping with “nation building” and social cohesion, which should never have been its job in the first place.”

For the longest time, Singaporeans have been calling for a new media landscape. One where, as Elaine said, journalists are free to report the news without fear or favour, without having to put up with unnecessarily cautious editors, or who self-censor because a particular issue is sensitive to the powers-that-be.  Continue reading “Don’t like the mainstream media? Support the alternative then”

Pity Mr Lui but he deserves some credit

Sometimes you do pity and empathise with the Transport Minister. In the last year or so, after having been appointed Minister for Transport, Mr Lui Tuck Yew has been in the spotlight for his handling of the continuing spate of train breakdowns.

This past one week, the MRT system broke down 3 times. This of course follows the other instances where the trains stalled, leaving thousands of commuters stranded. Even the bus and taxi services couldn’t get commuters to their destination on time, if commuters were lucky enough to be able to get on a bus or a taxi. Continue reading “Pity Mr Lui but he deserves some credit”

An inclusive society – in 10 years?

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam said an “inclusive society is achievable in the next 10 years, and the community and its volunteers have a role to play.” (TODAY, 15 April 2012.)

No one can argue about his second point – that the community has a role to play in fostering such an inclusive society. One may even argue that the community’s role is the more important one.  Continue reading “An inclusive society – in 10 years?”

A Singaporean’s hunt for a HDB flat – and getting stumped by crazy COVs

I don’t really know when the HDB changed its rules to allow permanent residents (PRs) to purchase resale HDB flats. And I didn’t know how many PRs were buying up these flats – until I saw the following report:

Private property owners and PRs make up 30% of HDB resale transactions. This concurs with my and my friend’s experience hunting for a flat recently.

I had never really paid much attention to the numbers, although many have been speculating that PRs are pushing up the prices of HDB flats.

So, in January this year, MND minister Khaw Boon Wan clarified the matter: Continue reading “A Singaporean’s hunt for a HDB flat – and getting stumped by crazy COVs”

Government should stand up for Singaporeans

“We should not because of one incident make that into an issue – that all immigrants are like that, or all Singaporeans should feel like that towards not even immigrants, but towards non-Singaporeans who are in Singapore, either studying or working here. That is something we have to be conscious of.” – Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, referring to the Sun Xu incident. (Channel Newsasia)

I agree totally with the Prime Minister and I am glad he has spoken out about it. (I wish opposition parties had also taken a stand and tried to assuage or calm down the negative sentiments arising from the Sun Xu episode but that is another matter for another day.) Continue reading “Government should stand up for Singaporeans”