How clean are tables at hawker centres?

With the government’s plans to build another 10 new hawker centres around the island, perhaps we should also look at basics, such as the cleanliness of the existing ones.

As a small experiment, my friend and I used tissue paper, dabbed with a little water, to clean this table (see below) at Kovan 209 Hawker Centre. The result was a oily, dirty tissue.

I’ve also seen how cleaners used soaking wet towels to wipe tables, making the table even more dirty and sticky.

Perhaps a little course in cleaning tables is in order?

Next time you’re at a coffeeshop or hawker centre, try this little experiment yourself and have a look.


2 thoughts on “How clean are tables at hawker centres?

  1. A worthwhile habit to cultivate and which should improve the table cleaning saga…. removal of own debris (used utensils, plates, bowls etc.) to convenient spots, so that the focus on cleaning tables can be made more effectively and efficiently.
    Besides more pleasant sight, its also for everyone’s convenience and well-being.

  2. Over-dependence is the nemesis of all human and social resilience. And paying it forward is a concept lost to most developed/developing asian countries. Those who have been to Japan and visited any of their food-courts will know what I’m talking about. Thanks. Social experiment? HDB blocks, letter-box area, spam mailers all over the floor, dust-bin just by the side. Experiment THAT!

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