Do this, Straits Times, and maybe you’ll be credible and believable

In the midst of the Hougang by-election, the Straits Times put out this report and headline on its front page:

What followed were criticisms directed at the Straits Times for biased and irresponsible reporting. Even WP sec gen Low Thia Khiang accused it of being a “political tool” of the PAP.

The Straits Times, of course, has come out to defend itself, rambling on about its “balanced” report and what not. Here is what the “ST Editor” says. [By the way, I wonder who this “ST Editor” is – is he the Forum Page editor, or the Chief Editor, *Warren Fernandez? Why not put a name to the reply?]

“As professional journalists, we do not see ourselves as cheerleaders for any political party. Our aim is simply to report the news dispassionately and objectively, so that our readers can decide for themselves.”

The simple fact is that the Straits Times is a propaganda sheet, a mouthpiece of the Gov’t and ruling party which controls it. No? Then perhaps the Straits Times would do something similar to show why we all should believe in its integrity, independence and credibility.

It can do this this weekend or next week, after the event at Speakers’ Corner to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1987 arrests and detention of 22 Singaporeans (and a few foreigners) under the ISA for plotting a”Marxist conspiracy” to topple the Gov’t.

To help the Straits Times, I’ve done a mock-up of the would-be report. I’ve followed as closely as I can the original headline which the Straits Times used on that report on the WP.

Go ahead, Straits Times, and prove to us that you are fair and balanced – and independent.

Here’s the original Straits Times report:

Honestly, I do not like to whack the Straits Times because I know there are good reporters in there who are trying their best to be good journalists. But when the editors play politics and then take us as fools, it makes me mad. Also, it makes our job so much harder having to counter these infantile attempts at propaganda. It also makes a mockery of the Straits Times journalists who’re doing their best to do a good job.

What does such blatant stupidity by the editors do for our country? Ask yourself. It brings us back to the old times of blatant bully tactics, and drags our country down with it – just because some people think they know better than everyone else and attempt to shove their stupidity down our throats.



Han Fook Kwang, the predecessor to Warren Fernandez, the current Chief Editor of the Straits Times, had written a book on Lee Kuan Yew in 1988, titled “Lee Kuan Yew, the man and his ideas”. Warren Fernandez is also one of the 3 writers, the 3rd being ST editor Sumiko Tan.

Han was also involved in the other book by Lee Kuan Yew, titled, “Hard Truths to keep Singapore going“, in 2011.



11 thoughts on “Do this, Straits Times, and maybe you’ll be credible and believable

  1. I have already stopped my subscription of Straits Times. You don’t need a rocket scientist to figure out why.

  2. Yes, the best message is to deliver it with our feet – walk away from the Shit Times. News is available on the net anyway, including local news. No reason to pay for a broadsheet full of inane pictures (to make up for the lack of the printed word) and biased and even poisonous untruth!

    Singaporean can actually call the shot by refusing to be con and pay for it! Just remember the Shitty Times depends on circulation to sell advertisement to make its annual millions. We can bring it to its knee with a boycott and watch its ’empire’ crumble. Show it who’s the boss. Also boycott all those trashy magazines it publishes which is 50% and more of adverts.

    Is there any reason to help it to subjugate ourselves?

  3. ST is never nation- building; it is power- building for PAP. LKY has no qualms describing in his memoirs how he made use of the various media to control the country.

    For ST to seek to cast aspersions on WP, only to deny it all later, I wonder how much damage it is doing to its own credibility. People should realize that Hougang voters are one of a kind (or perhaps, two of a kind, with Aljunied), and these Singaporeans have the moral fibre to reject the intimidation by the PAP government using materialistic benefits bought with their own tax money. That is the Hougang spirit – the sense of fair play that is sorely lacking in ST, PAP leaders and the rest of Singapore.

    At the rate ST is going, it is not difficult for future discerning Singaporeans to consign it to the rubbish bin of deplorable history in Singapore.

    1. Sigh. Uninformed Singaporeans still keep repeating this phrase.

      It is *not* ST’s ranking in world newspapers.
      It is *Singapore’s* ranking for PRESS FREEDOM.

      The ranking doesn’t show anything about the quality of ST (though that’s arguably not that high anyway), it’s about the LACK OF PRESS FREEDOM in Singapore, thanks to the Government.

      At least get your target right.

  4. I m celebrating my 20th anniversary of not subscribing to any Mouthpiece publications. Birds of a feather flock together. Whether there are good journalists or not within, they are all under the control of the rudimentary brains on top. One without a spine to speak and think independently. Our press is not very different from those in North Korea and Myanmar…. the slightly subdue version.

  5. Straits Times Opinion Editor Chua Mui Hoong is yet another deluded pro PAP journalist who tarnishes the profession of journalism the world over

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