For skewed reporting, please refer to the Straits Times

In case anyone thinks I’m on an irrational everytime-whack-Straits-Times spree, I’ll let Jolovan do the talking this time.

Jolovan is the executive director of the Huamanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME). He’s been working with migrant workers for 8 years now.

Read Jolovan’s Facebook note on the following Sunday Times report.

Here’s an extract:

“The reporter herself is disappointed at how the article has turned out. The real story in this article should have been about the exploitative practices of construction companies. Instead, The Sunday Times has decided to focus on the ‘good work’ that the MOM is doing to address this problem.”

Sunday Times, 10 June 2012


One thought on “For skewed reporting, please refer to the Straits Times

  1. two of spore’s main problems are things that are a staple of
    Govts of third world countries – a lack of integrity and fair play.

    you don’t find this in the world of the so-called lower species
    in the animal kingdom. studies have shown that even a rat will
    work to help another trapped rat, providing it with food, and thus
    indicating there is solidarity, there is care. it will also try and
    help the trapped rat get free.

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