The unbelievable swines from The New Paper

Apparently some swines – including the editor – from The New Paper have neither heard of the term “transgender” nor know anything about respecting another human being. And yes, I call them swines for that is what their behaviour belong to.

This makes me sick – the utter lack of decency in respecting another.

And the Government wants a code of conduct for bloggers? It almost makes you laugh, seeing the degeneration of the mainstream press and media – praised to the high heavens by our ministers – which badly needs a wake up call of its own.

This front page makes you want to go: F*** You, New Paper!

Bloody swines.

The man who loves the law, the spirit and dance

When I first met M Ravi, it was back in 2007 at St Martin’s Drive. Hundreds of Burmese had gathered at the Burmese Embassy there. Ravi was there to lend his support to the Burmese and also to the Singapore Democratic Party’s protest.

I had heard of Ravi before that, of course. And from a distance, yes I wondered if he was not just out for publicity. He had been involved with the court cases involving the SDP then. Continue reading “The man who loves the law, the spirit and dance”

A big let down

I have to admit that when the Government first announced that it was going to set up a gardens right in the heart of Marina Bay, I was quite ecstatic. Our very own Central Park, no less. I imagined tall trees, sand, grass, the smell of plants and grass and everything you’d associate with a garden. I’d been to Berlin too and had seen the huge park there – very tall trees, lush greenery, etc.

So I was quite excited when I first saw the artist’s impression of our own Gardens. Told everyone this was going to be something we could really be proud of.  Continue reading “A big let down”

Utterly shocking behaviour from the Law Society

Lets make one thing clear: the Law Society of Singapore is facing widespread criticism (at least online) for the action of its representative and it is no one else’s fault but the Law Society’s.

It is thus rather shocking that the Law Society’s second statement has basically laid the blame on its representative, one Mr Wong Siew Hong. And it has laid it squarely and conclusively.

Mr Wong had “decided to go to Court on his own volition with Dr Fones’ information,” the Law Society’s second statement, released to the media on Tuesday evening, said. If that first claim isn’t very clear, the Law Society reiterated it: “Mr Wong had acted very much on his own.” Continue reading “Utterly shocking behaviour from the Law Society”

Straits Times carnival vs Pink Dot 2012

So, here’s the Straits Times report of the Pink Dot event at Speakers’ Corner in June 2012. If you do not know, Pink Dot is the annual celebratory gay event.

15,000 people had turned up for Pink Dot 2012.

This Sunday Times report had one single picture and a very short write-up about it.

And then in July, the Straits Times held its own carnival, of sorts. Called “Straits Times Appreciates Readers” (Star) party, the ST itself reports that “more than 20,000” attended the event. Continue reading “Straits Times carnival vs Pink Dot 2012”

The wiser thing to do

Since the news broke on Tuesday that the Government was proposing changes to how the mandatory death penalty will be applied, reactions have generally been positive. Some have called for the total abolition of the death penalty altogether. That is the ultimate goal, of course – but it is also the hardest one to achieve. The fear, not just from the Government but also from the public, is that the complete removal of the punishment will mean a weakening of the deterrent effect. I will not go into that as much has already been argued against such fears.

Sometimes, I fear instead that we get lost in abstractions, or more accurately, abstract, intellectual arguments that we forget that there are real people involved – on both sides. The traffickers and those who are harmed by drugs.  Continue reading “The wiser thing to do”