Straits Times carnival vs Pink Dot 2012

So, here’s the Straits Times report of the Pink Dot event at Speakers’ Corner in June 2012. If you do not know, Pink Dot is the annual celebratory gay event.

15,000 people had turned up for Pink Dot 2012.

This Sunday Times report had one single picture and a very short write-up about it.

And then in July, the Straits Times held its own carnival, of sorts. Called “Straits Times Appreciates Readers” (Star) party, the ST itself reports that “more than 20,000” attended the event.

The report is on the front page of the Straits Times:

And a 2-page spread on the HOME section – pages B2 and B3:

I guess it’s the Straits Times and the party is its own. Still, I can’t help but feel the ST is just going a little overboard in trumpeting its own horns.

Certainly, the Pink Dot event – in any other newspaper – would have attracted a more prominent report. But we all know what the Straits Times – govt-controlled and all – feels about giving too much publicity to events not sanctioned or approved by the State.

About a month prior to Pink Dot 2012, the Straits Times published this article by its writer, Andy Ho, along with a rather big homophobic  logo to boot:

Ng Yi-sheng promptly wrote a response to Andy Ho’s article. Read it here.

Incidentally, the Straits Times readership, I am given to understand, has been falling. And its mother company, Singapore Press Holdings, has seen a 13% fall in Q3 profits this year.

To me, when a newspaper – or anyone, in fact – keeps trumpeting its own horns so regularly, it just means it is very desperate for attention, which can only come from insecurity about its own content or substance. And in this department, the Straits Times has been on the decline for many years already.

What is observable is that the decline has accelerated in the last half year.


6 thoughts on “Straits Times carnival vs Pink Dot 2012

  1. Especially after a new editor came in..
    Plus the desperate attempt to boost subscriptions using charity money.

    Also noticed how the classified ads are shrinking? That’s because the web has better alternatives. Even property guru is better than ST’s property listing sections.

  2. I am proud to say that I have convinced all my friends, neighbours and business associates to ban, boycott and just plain stop buying this lousy shitty times. This newspaper must not be allowed to flourished and blossomed. I shall make it my mission in life to destroy this state media.

  3. I stopped buying this newspaper when the price increased and I dislike having a stack of newspaper at home that may attract cockroach. I prefer to watch the news or read them online instead. Heh.

  4. 1. The Straits Times HAS FAILED to capture the moments of celebrations of Human Rights! PinkDotSg 2012 should have been published 2 pages in Home section (B2 and B3) filled with loving photos, integration of community capturing many precious moments as “love” is being celebrated, appreciated, and everyone is being respected!.
    2. The Straits Times HAS FAILED to integrate the community in Singapore by putting up a homophobic logo a month prior to PinkDotSg 2012. More and more people especially the younger generation (LGBT and non LGBT) will not be able to accept this homophobic behaviour of this particular newspaper. This newspaper will see its end for its readers very soon if it does not start to fight for equal love for LGBT. The coming generation LGBT and non LGBT are the future generation who decide to buy newspaper or not, they have many friends and family members who are LGBT. The Strait Times has failed to recognize this fact!

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