The unbelievable swines from The New Paper

Apparently some swines – including the editor – from The New Paper have neither heard of the term “transgender” nor know anything about respecting another human being. And yes, I call them swines for that is what their behaviour belong to.

This makes me sick – the utter lack of decency in respecting another.

And the Government wants a code of conduct for bloggers? It almost makes you laugh, seeing the degeneration of the mainstream press and media – praised to the high heavens by our ministers – which badly needs a wake up call of its own.

This front page makes you want to go: F*** You, New Paper!

Bloody swines.


2 thoughts on “The unbelievable swines from The New Paper

  1. doesnt ex-man ring any bell in you? x-man, in films are mutants which human despise, hence relate-able to being transgenders, and open ur eyes, they did use transgenders. i also think the language u use are far more indecent than that off new paper, so behave yourself before criticizing other’s conduct

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