Wow. This guy is really stupid.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am no fan of our mainstream media. They would, however, also know that I have praised some reporters/journalists in the mainstream press for their work. But overall, much is left to be desired, as far as our traditional media is concerned.

I do believe that if more people – those who are capable, passionate, and who are able to help in terms of funding – if more people pitch in and support the citizen journalists who are providing the alternative to the mainstream media, much can be accomplished, as far as doing real stories are concerned. If you’ve been observing the mainstream media, you would know that their standards have been plummeting in recent times.

Anyway, this blog post is more of a rant about this New Paper report, by one Ong S M, because no need to spend too much time writing this. The stupidity of Ong’s article is plain for all to see.

The report, as befits the trash bin that is the New Paper, is nothing but brain-dead nonsense – except that it is insulting and denegrading to people who are heavier in weight than the average person. 

Ong, the author of that article, responded on his own blog to criticisms about the article. Read it here. Reading his blog post, you can understand why he wrote such an article – because he is a stupid person. A genuinely stupid man.

Here is what he wrote, about the criticisms directed at him for the article:

Ong SM, trash writer extraordinaire

“On the other hand, it’s kind of surreal to read things about yourself written by people you don’t know.”

See? Stupid guy. Does he know enough about Tao Li or about health and sports to write in such a fashion about Tao Li?

“But I’m especially dismayed that my column is characterised as mocking foreign talent, which was not my intention.”

“Especially dismayed,” he says. See? Stupid man #2. It was not his intention to mock foreign talent. It is just his intention to mock fat people. So that’s ok.

“But I’m relieved yet also feel conflicted that many people seem to enjoy the column because they think I was mocking foreign talent. Which I guess I was – but not intentionally.”

Relieved but conflicted. Then he says he “guess” that he was mocking foreign talent, but not “intentionally”. See, he was only mocking fat people and that is ok. LOL! He says people “enjoy the column because they think I was mocking foreign talent.” No wonder he says he is conflicted. Maybe people are actually not enjoying his column but are only taking umbrage that his stupidity is given space and displayed for all to see?

“My intention was just to make fun of the physical appearance of certain members of Team Singapore and it just so happened that they are foreign-born athletes.”

Ahh yes. See? He was only making fun of “the physical appearance of” some people – so it is ok. Stupidity #3.

“So in a way, I was actually making fun of my mother for saying that Tao Li looks fat and that’s why she can’t win.”

Stupidity #4. He blames it on his mother. Nice.

“As I wrote twice in my column, looks can be deceiving.”

Apparently, so are some people who pretend to be columnists but spews out stupidity by the truckload.

And in all of his very eloquent defence of himself – and his stupidity – the thought of an apology obviously didn’t even cross his mind. Then again, he is stupid.

So, I don’t blame him.

By the way, in case you’re wondering how such an article, which would go into the same trash bins for racism, xenophobia, and bigotry, made it to the New Paper, perhaps you should email this guy and ask him:

He is Dominic Nathan, the chief editor of The New Paper. He is listed here on the Singapore Press Holdings website. And this is what he had to say when he took over the helm at the trash bin:

“The New Paper has carved out a great niche with its unique brand of journalism. It sells more than 100,000 copies every day in a competitive market with free newspapers. This speaks very highly of what the team has achieved. I’m hoping to build on it.”

I mean, the man is actually proud of that rag. Oh dear.

Kirsten has collated and is collating such trashy reports by The New Paper. So, do let her know if and when you come across these.

These sort of braindead “journalism” makes you laugh at the misguided concerns the Government has about online discourse. The big fat white elephant is in its own backyard and it still doesn’t know it – and keep insisting that the evil ones are in cyberspace instead.

I think the first order of business for the newly-minted 21-member Media Literacy Council should be to conduct some elemental lessons in journalism for trash publications like The New Paper and its sister trash bin cousin called STOMP.

Clearly, literacy is the one thing which is sorely lacking in these two odious publications.



  1. But you see, Andrew, the government is not concerned about stupidity. It’s concerned about intelligence, wrongly directed, ie at it.

  2. Come on, this guy is just trying to be more light-hearted that’s all. New Paper is like the tabloid equivalent in many Western countries. Those papers produced more ‘thrash’ than ours. All along the positioning of New Paper is to bring news in a more light-hearted and tabloid fashion. Citizen journalism has produced more thrash and un-true allegations than this. What’s even more apalling is citizen journalism touches on more serious topic that have more far-reaching consequences when only the half-truths are presented. I felt that citizen journalism has bought more harm than benefits. For every truth that has surfaced as a result, there are 10-20 untrue allegations and crticisims that bring no benefit to the society at all.

  3. Tao Li’s BMI is 22.7
    According to HPB’s standards, she is just a few kg off the “moderate risk” catagory.
    Not nice to call people fat though the reporter fellow called a spade a spade. You will expect a leaner and meaner Olympian.

  4. He is stupid, true. But i feel you are even more so, why so angry on an article that, the title itself suggest its light heartness.. pardon my bad english

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