Here we go again – another “review”

This was the front page of the Straits Times on 16 February 2013:


Yup. It’s another “review” of whether concessions will be given to certain groups, including the disabled. But this time, it seems that the government is taking it more seriously – “a high level committee”, according to the Straits Times, has been tasked to look into the matter.

But lets be clear about one thing – such a “review” is not new. SBS Transit had such a “review” in 2009 to see if concessions would be given to the disabled. Nothing was heard of the review after that. Evidently, it decided that concessions could or would not be given.

Straits Times, 22 May 2009
Straits Times, 22 May 2009

The disabled community even took to Hong Lim Park in 2009 to make their plea: [Read it here: “10 years – and still no public transport subsidy for disabled“]


And again last year, 2012, the minister dismissed the appeals for concessions:

New Paper, 10 March 2012
New Paper, 10 March 2012

And mind you, the disabled have been fighting for this for 14 years now. Yes, 14 years – for concessions, while the CEOs of the transport companies keep being paid exorbitant salaries and bonuses. (I wrote about it here: “No concessions for disabled – but CEOs reap millions“.)

I am not hopeful that the minister for transport or the Public Transport Council (PTC) or the operators will finally give the disabled community – whose members do not earn a lot, mostly – the concessions.

I am also tired of reading about all these “reviews”. 14 years should be more than enough for such things. It really is time for the minister for transport to have some freaking backbone and decide for concessions for the disabled community.

Here is the last article I wrote about this matter, almost a year ago. I wrote it for Yahoo here: “Time to provide transport fare concessions to the disabled“.

Have some balls, Mr Lui.

And have some heart, PTC, SMRT & SBS Transit.



  1. How to give concessions? SMRT just raised its wage bill by hiring a bunch
    of high-level ex-officers – apparently IN ADDITION to the staff it has.
    You’d think this country was crawling with handicapped people and that we
    are dead broke the way the govt keeps dragging its feet on these things.

    Basically, what we have is a govt that knows few middle routes, just extremes.
    Every single argument it advances is based on an extreme scenario, even
    when those extremes are so highly unlikely. You can’t move if you operate
    on the basis of fear alone. We are now into ”a crisis of a lifetime”!! Sure….

    Meanwhile, why is no one asking that basic question about all the govt’s
    infrastructure plans – WHERE’S THE MONEY COMING FROM?

    More importantly – WHAT’S THE COST OF ALL THESE PLANS? This one
    applies to not just $$$$s, but much much MUCH more.

    • I will say Reviews are all bullshit nothing comes the PPLs way cause their opration cause is always high even with 3/4 of the opration workforce is foreginers. All our want is profit at any cause no give aways It sad they think the Public are idiots and the money n profit they make belongs to them when they are aready paid a premium salaries.

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