Istana used for LKY’s book launch?

“The Istana is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Singapore. ” – Istana website.

On 7 August, the news reported Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s launch of his latest book. It was also reported that the launch was held at the official presidential residence and office – the Istana.


Mr Lee no longer holds any official government position. His last was as Minister Mentor. He is also no longer in Cabinet. So, the obvious question is:

Why was his launch of a supposedly private and personal book held at the Istana?

Or is his book an official government or state publication?

Even former president SR Nathan did not launch his book at the Istana. He did it at the National Library.


The former president will have his book signing at various book stores, including POPULAR:


Mr Nathan launched his first book – “Why am I here?” – at the National University of Singapore. (See here.)

Who paid for the expenses incurred by Mr Lee’s book launch at the Istana? How much were these?

But the more important question is why is the Istana used for a private book launch? What are the criterias on who can use the office of the President for such (personal) events?

Perhaps the government should clarify.


6 thoughts on “Istana used for LKY’s book launch?

  1. He was conferred his Doctor of Laws by the University of Singapore at the Istana. He gave his interview over several days to the American journalist Tom Plate and others at the Istana. He held the Total Board of Directors meeting at the Istana. He gets two eggs and you get one. The swimming pool at the Istana was built for him. The Republicans went after Al Gore when he was the Vice-President for allegedly using the White House phone for fund raising. Chee Soon Guan was roasted for using the pocket tape recorder supplied to him by the University for recording his coversation with his boss.Some people have special dispensation.

  2. Singapore has become LKY personal Kingdom. He can do anything he wants. There is no one to stop. This megalomaniac just have to die for Singapore to be free

  3. Excuse me, do you know who LKY is? Let’s not all pretend he is a private individual when clearly he is not.

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