Who is this Lee Kuan Yew that I do not know?

The real Lee Kuan Yew
The real Lee Kuan Yew

So, it has finally been said – do not hero worship Lee Kuan Yew. The man himself would “cringe” at the blind adoration. So says his daughter, Lee Wei Ling, in a Facebook post on 25 March. (See here.)

The month-long bending of knees and bowing of heads among the Lee faithful have been amusing to me.

The praises levelled at the man verged on hysteria and the hysterically laughable, with some clearly delusional worshippers even witnessing the late Lee’s face in the clouds on his death anniversary.

And one art display of the man was titled “Our Father, Our Country, Our Flag”.

It was a well-meaning effort but it made me wince,” Ms Lee said.

That’s a very expressive word to use – “wince”.

The dictionary defines it as: “a slight grimace or shrinking movement caused by pain or distress”.

Pain, or distress. Continue reading “Who is this Lee Kuan Yew that I do not know?”

Roy gets sacked, SGH staff get “staff confidentiality”, and S’poreans get double-standards


5 days after the press release by the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on the action it took against the 12 staff members responsible for the Hepatitis C outbreak, we are no wiser about what exactly the “financial penalties” meted out to them are, or who exactly these staff members are.

On the same day the SGH made its statement, the Ministry of Health (MOH) also disclosed that it had taken “disciplinary action” against 4 of its own staff involved in the incident which saw 8 deaths, 7 of which are believed to have been directly linked to the outbreak.

The disciplinary action taken by both SGH and the MOH included “warnings, stern warnings and financial penalties.”

Now, some have criticised the two organisations for not taking even sterner action, such as sacking the staff members or even bringing criminal charges, against them. Continue reading “Roy gets sacked, SGH staff get “staff confidentiality”, and S’poreans get double-standards”