Your argument applies to the PAP as well, Dr Lee

Dr Lee
Dr Lee

After the uproar over the personal attacks by the People’s Action Party (PAP) on Dr Chee Soon Juan, the sister of the Prime Minister – Dr Lee Wei Ling – launched another criticism of the SDP leader.

Writing on her Facebook page on Thursday, Dr Lee responded to her name being used as a signatory of an online letter calling on the PAP to stop its “gutter politics”. Dr Lee clarified that she had not signed the letter.

Then she launched her attack on Dr Chee, saying that “his true nature should be fully exposed.”

She added:

“Last week, he allowed his speakers to attack David Ong and then came on stage and pretended to be magnanimous and said we should not attack character. When pressed, he admitted he knew what the fellow speakers were going to say.” Continue reading “Your argument applies to the PAP as well, Dr Lee”

Why Murali can still be in Parliament – even if he loses in Bukit Batok

Cartoon from Ryan Keith Smith Facebook
Cartoon from Ryan Keith Smith Facebook

The by-election will come to an end soon, and residents of Bukit Batok will have to decide who they will vote for.

Here is my two cents’ worth, to try and explain why you need not vote for the PAP candidate, Murali Pillai.

Murali is, from some accounts, a decent chap.

While he had lost control of his own campaign – allowing his party leaders to hijack and and turn it into a mudslinging one – he tried to distance himself from his foulmouthed seniors.

But being nice does not cut it.

There are already 81 other PAP MPs firmly ensconced in Parliament presently. Murali has to stand out, be different, if he is to bring any value to the table. As far as I can see, I do not see anything special from the man.

He is just another run-of-the-mill PAP MP, promising the same old stale carrots.

If he were regarded as anything or anyone special, he would have been sheltered under the skirts of senior ministers in the general election last year, and handheld into Parliament.

But he was not – which speaks to the value his own party sees in him. Continue reading “Why Murali can still be in Parliament – even if he loses in Bukit Batok”

Murali loses control of own campaign; distances himself from party leaders’ gutter politics


The backlash against the People’s Action Party (PAP) leaders’ personal attacks against Dr Chee Soon Juan has been swift and shrill.

In fact, the negative reaction has been so stunning that even its own candidate, Murali Pillai, has “attempted to distance himself from the war of words in which his party seniors are engaged in with the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

It is also a sign that Mr Murali himself, an experienced lawyer with a top law firm here, has lost control of his own election campaign in Bukit Batok – and how his campaign would become a sham if the vileness of his leaders’ character assassination methods continued.

It seems there are two sides to Mr Murali’s campaign: one, DPM Tharman pledging to fight a clean campaign; and two, an unclean campaign being waged against the SDP by his party leaders.

Did ministers like Grace Fu and Halimah Yacob and the secretary general himself not receive the memo from Mr Tharman about keeping it clean?

Or are Tharman’s words worthless?

Whatever it is, the PAP candidate himself apparently finds the character assasination such a vile thing that he has attempted to distance himself from it.

‘According to the TODAY newspaper on Sunday:

“Asked about the SDP’s rebuttal that the ruling party was engaging in “character assassination”, Mr Murali said he would like to focus on his own agenda.”

Mr Murali, wisely, side-stepped the issue completely, perhaps knowing that getting drawn into it will only lower himself to the pits of mediocrity, and raise further questions about the control he has over his own campaign. Continue reading “Murali loses control of own campaign; distances himself from party leaders’ gutter politics”