Playing with semantics is not wise, NTUC Income

So, here’s the thing: while Rebecca Lim is being (rightly) castigated for the publicity stunt gone awry and refusing to apologise for her part in it, along comes the company behind it, with PR goons in tow, to try and explain away the awful thinking behind the ill-conceived mess.

First, there’s the NTUC Income’s chief marketing officer, Mr Marcus Chew, 41, who said the following:

“We did not set out to mislead anyone. We regret upsetting anyone over the weekend.”

Note: “We regret…” is not exactly an apology. But that’s another matter.

Pay attention to their first claim: “We did not set out to mislead anyone.” We’ll come to that in a moment.

What grates your insides is what NTUC Income’s head of strategic communications, Ms Shannen Fong, 39, said, when it was pointed out that most people would read Ms Lim’s original facebook post (which gave rise to the whole sham) as Ms Lim announcing her retirement from acting. Continue reading “Playing with semantics is not wise, NTUC Income”

Epic FAIL kidnappers

Stupid kidnappers. They only needed to tell Vincent they were taking him out for dessert and they wouldn’t have had to send 8 armed men to punch him, cover him with a carpet and pack him off in a truck and take him to dessert.

I am sure Vincent would have gone with them for dessert willingly – if they had told him about the dessert.

Stupid kidnappers.